Friday, 15 February 2013

A new home and a new occupation

Sho, it sheemsh Ceshshy and me hash got a new home and a new vocation in life. Keep your eyesh peeled on shish blog for more detailsh.

It ish sho eggshiting, not really shure what to do whish Shimmy shough, maybe a little farm shomewhere sho he can shpend shome time with Elishabesh. I shink we will have to watch him wish she shlave shlutsh sho. Hish eyesh get really big when ever shey are around.

Friday, 17 February 2012

She Shtory of She Clan Bloch

Susanna gathers the children of the clan around her by the camp fire and smiles at them with love and affection. All the children were there, from the youngest at 6months old to the oldest at 17. She ran her eyes over them; all of them had the short stocky build and shock of reddish brown hair that was in the genes of the Clan. She frowned seeing that Jimmy had sneaked in then smiled knowing that he loved to hear the story as much as the children did. She sits; pulling her skirts about her and clears her throat.
“Good evening, shildrensh. Are you shitting comfortably, shen I will begin”, she said in her smooth voice. “Shish ish she shtory of your forefashersh, how She Clan came to be and She Clan Bloch wash began.” A soft smile spread across her chubby face. “She Clan wash began by Shadrach Bloch. Shadrach came to she land from a plashe called She Blue Rish Mountainsh, in a land called Virshinina. He wash brought here by she prieshkingsh shemshelvesh. Shey shaw him and found him worshy of being a great leader of mensh.”
A small boy put his hand on her lap and she picked it up in her hand and held it tenderly. “He wandered the land, whish he found wash called Gor, not really knowing where he wash. One dark night he wash shitting by hish campfire, like we ish now and he heard a shound in she darknesh. He picked up a burning log from she fire and held it high and he shaw a flash of flesh. He lifted up hish club and shouted. who ish shere, show yourshelf or I shall fire my bow.
Susanna looked around at all the children’s faces. “Of coursh he didn’t have a bow, but he figured shat she pershon hiding in she darknesh wouldn’t know shat. A girl’sh voish shouted back, don’t shoot please sir. I will come out. Shadrach kept his club close to him and watched as a naked girl came from out of she bushesh.
Come closher girl, Shadrach said and she girl came closher to she fire. She was cold and shivering and her pretty fashe wash shtained wish tearsh. What ish you doing out here alone, little one, Shadrach shaid holding out hish hand to her.
She girl covered her fashe, I was stolen, she said crying softly. The wagon I was being transported in was attacked, when it turned over I was thrown free and I rolled down the hill and hit my head on a rock. When I came around the wagon was gone and so were my kidnappers.
Susanna looked a little sterner. “she girl wash lucky shat it was Shadrach shat found her. For a girl naked and alone would almosht shertainly be collared by any osher man. But Shadrach wash no ordinary man. He wash alsho very lonely. He mished hish home in She Blue Rish Mountainsh in she land of Virshinina. He mished hish family. His Uncle Shon and Aunt Olivia, who lived near to him wish sheir many Shildrensh, Shon boy, Shashon,, Mary Ellen, Ben, Erin, Shim Bob, and Elishabesh, who helped to run sheir shawmill. Sho he took she girl by she hand and shaid, shit wish me, little one, tell me your name and I shall pour you shome brosh to warm your inshindesh.
She girl shat with him and while she shipped her brosh she told him how she had become to be in shutsh a bad predicament.
My name is Shahona, she shaid. And my father is a merchant in Port Cos. I was travelling with my father on a trading trip when we were attacked. My father was injured and I was taken to become a slave girl.
Shadrach shook hish head, unushed to she shavage waysh of shish land. Shat ish terrible, he shaid. He picked up hish pack and pulled out a pair of pantaloonsh and a tunic, he handed them to she girl. Here, he shaid kindly. Wear sheshe, I will not collar you, shweet Shashona. I cannot return you to your land either but you can shtay wish me and be my companion on my travelsh.
She girl shmiled and took she ragged dirty closhesh, shankful for hish kindnesh.
Shadrach and Shashona travelled a long time together, and in she way of she barbariansh, Shadrach began to look older. Sho one night when shay were closhe to a villash, Shashona led Shadrach to she green who gave him she sherumsh. After he had she lasht one shey left again, but shey had she tashte of villash life and liked it.
Sho one day when shey came acrosh a cryshtal clear shtream, shey knew shat here ish where shey wanted to live she resht of sheir livesh together.
Shadrach built a house,” Susanna pointed across from where they sat. “Shat houshe shere... and Shashona wove bashketsh and made brosh. Before long Shweet Shashona wash wish shild and Shalveshtro wash born, shen Shamshon and Sheverush. And later Veshter and Valerie. Shen Shekshtush, called sho cush he wash she siksht shildrensh born. When Shashona wash carrying her shevensh shild, a man and a woman came to shere shettlement. She lady wash wish shild, very closhe to giving she birsh. Shadrach shaid shat shey could shtay, if shey were willing to help wish she farm.
Sho came Sharlton and Shynshia to she Clan Bloch. While Shadrach and Sharlton built a hut for shem to live in, Shahona helped wish she birshing of Shynthia’sh firsh shild, who she called Shapphira, cush she had she blueish eyesh she had ever sheen. One day when shey were sheering she verrsh, Shadrach and Sharlton heard a shcream and ran out wish sheir pishforksh raished ready to fight and found Shynshia bent over a man. It wash a warrior, but he wash sho badly injured shat shey had to help him. Many daysh pasht before she warrior could shit up and he wash sho grateful to shem for looking after him shat he pledged to come back wish hish companion and shree daughtersh and live she resht of hish life in peashe.
Sho Shacob and hish companion came to she shettlement, whish shey now had called New Virshinia, and brought wish shem sheir daughtersh, Carlina, Shondra and Amelia.
Over she years more shildrensh were born. Companionshipsh were made between she familiesh and shose alsho had shildrensh. Shen shem shildrensh had shildrensh and she clan ash we know it wash made. Uncle Veshter went on hish travelsh and brought back she beautiful Shimona. Uncle Shimon and Uncle Jashen, brought back sheir companionsh from she shity and watered she blood again sho shat we can continue our line.”
Susanna sat straight and looked around at the flushed faces watching and listening to her every word. “Well shildrensh, itsh getting late and we all have early shoresh in she morning. “
The little boy holding her hand looked up to her, “Will you tell ush more tomorrow, Aunty Shushy?”
She ruffles his hair affectionately. “Ohh Shonny, I can’t. Tomorrow, your Uncle Shimmy, Aunt Sheshy and me are going on our travelsh. It'sh time for ush to go out and find our companionsh too.” She smiled. “Don’t worry Shonny,” she said, “Aunt Shasha knowsh she shtory, she will tell it to you.” She clapped her hands together. “Now my dearsh, ish time for bed. You too Shimmy,” she said as she saw her brother sneaking away. “We have to leave early in she morning.”

Monday, 6 February 2012

A whipped lady

~Jimmy and Susanna have an encounter with the Lioness~
Jimmy: “Greetingsh, Shishter.”
Susanna: “Greetingsh, Brosher.”
Jimmy: “Ish shish our houshe?”
Susanna: “Ish it actually oursh? Ohh good”
Jimmy nods. “And I painted a picture of Uncle Veshter and his lovely kashira Shoshona.” Jimmy shows the picture he painted to his sister.
Susanna: “Shish ish my bed,” Suzy says, claiming the bed on the left of the room.
Jimmy: “Yesh... I shink shat ish she houshe.. It hash shree bedsh. Oh look! booksh!” he exclaims seeing the bookshelf at the side of the room. “Now... if we shusht could readsh!”
Susanna: “Oohh, a book!” she picks it up and flicks through the pages, disappointed that there are no pictures so puts it back down again.
Jimmy: “I shink I heard a twigsh.” Jimmy opens the door and looks to see who is there. “Oh, greetingsh, Lionesh,” he says cheerfully as he raises his hand and waves.
Susanna: "Greetingsh, Dear Lwaana," Suzy says joining her brother outside.
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness manages to leave the Hall without being seen by anyone, her back killing her with pain, the whip marks were burning in her skin the touch of her dress on her skin was killing her but her pride was bigger and she couldn't show anyone that was not there what happened, she comes to the cottages area looking for the village healer to see her wounds in her back when she sees the brother and sister Susanna and with a lot of pain and difficulty she manages to hide from them her pain "Tal Jarl, Tal Lady, how have you been?" she smiles.
Jimmy: “We been finesh... traveling a bit for tradingsh, but not too far. I shtill hash to build a wagon or cart for ush.” He frowns a bit "Are you well, lady? You look a bit like Uncle Vesther after one of hish rough nightsh wish his lovely kashira"
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness nods and smiles warmly to him, she had to be strong and make like nothing was happening "Do you need help Jarl to build it?”
Susanna looks at the lady closely, sensing something is wrong but not knowing what, she pushes it from her mind. "We hash settled in nishely," she says.
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness listens to his question and thinks she is not hiding it well, how did he find out she was not well. "Aye Jarl, I am wonderful, thank you for asking," she smiles.
Jimmy smiles and shakes his head "Oh no, I'm doing fine.. ushing she partsh from she paddle-boat...." - He points to the wagon he had build so far.
Susanna: "I hash notished shat you don't wear a veil, dear Lwanna, Ish it not necessary here?" Suzy asks genuinely interested.
Jimmy: “It ish not big, but enough to transhport our shtuff,” Jimmy explains.
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness looks to where he just pointed "Ahhh, very well, Jarl. If you need anything like more wood or other things please don't hesitate," and suddenly starts feeling not so well, feeling like all dancing around her she falls down.
Jimmy: “Oh, hash I ever showed you she painting of our uncle Veshter and hish lovely kashira?" He just rummages in his bag as he notices the lady stumbling. He jumps to catch her.
Susanna gasps and dashes to her side, "My dear, dear Lady, are you ill, what can I do for you?" She touches the lady’s head. “Shimmy, bring her inshide.”
Jimmy nods and in spite of his small stature lifts the lady up easily.
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness feels voices around her but faints again.
Jimmy bumps the door open with his butt, carries the lady inside ... and places her on one of his sister's beds. He nervously walks up and down then "Ohhhh... if only Sheshy wash here!"
Susanna kneels by the lady, holding her hand. "Lwaana, what ailsh you, pleashe tell me?"
Jimmy: “Mabye she hash not eaten enough?” He immediately starts searching in his bag for some verr-cheese and bread. “Or she needsh to drink?”
Susanna: "Shimmy, I shink we need a healer."
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness awakes, opening slowly her eyes and trying to remember what just happened, she looks around and didn't recognize the place and tears starts falling from her eyes to her face, she remembers now when the pain in her back starts killing her again and she screams lowering her voice when she comes back to her senses, she was in deep pain.
Susanna feels the lady's head again and looks to her brother with worry in her eyes. "I wish Sheshi wash here."
Jimmy shrugs "But I don't know a healersh. Only Sheshie... she ish good wish shat... but I don't know where she ish."
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness can't stop crying in silence, she needed to be seen by the healer worrying the whip mark in her back could get infected but she didn't want to tell them she had to be seen in her back, she was too ashame with what happened because her own fault.
Susanna: "Pleashe Lady, tell me what ish wrong," Suzy grips at her hand. "You can trusht ush."
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness feels the lovely lady talking softly to her and more tears came to her eyes and she shakes her head not being able to talk yet
Jimmy points over his shoulder to the door "I shall go and shearsh for a healer....." - adds: ".... or Sheshie!"
Susanna: "Yesh Shimmy, go find shomeone."
Jimmy: "SHEEEEESHIIIIIIIIEEE!!!!!! HEEEEEEAAAALLLEEERRR!”, he shouts right the moment he's out of the door.
Susanna speaks softly now her brother has left, "Ish only ush here now sweet child, Tell Sushy what ish wrong."
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness feels the urge to talk but was feeling so ashamed of her stupid act that almost cost her life and the lost of her mate's love for her, she knew she could trust her but the shame was bigger than her and so was her pride, funny, what pride was left to her with what she did earlier.
Susanna strokes the lady's hand, keeping her tone low and smooth. "Ish alright my dear, Shushy ish here to look after you."
Susanna: "You musht tell me what ailsh you, darling lady, I cannot help you unlesh you do."

~ In the meantime ~

Jimmy runs around the village. Again and again he shouts "SHEEEEEESHHHHHHIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE!", searching for his sister. Finally he finds her at the marketstalls by the docks. "Oh, shere you are shishter! He pants heavy running around the village.
Cessy smiles "yesh, dear, I wash looking for more butter"
Jimmy breathless: "She Lionesh... faintshed..."
Cessy: "WHAT!?!" She looks very worried "Where ish she?"
Jimmy grabs his sister at her arm and yanks her with him "Come quick!" Soon the reach the small cottages and he looks around "Hmmm... Ish one of sheshe houshesh... but shey look all she shame"
~ back at the cottage where Susanna is looking after Lwaana~
Susanna hears her brother outside and runs to the door.
Jimmy looks through several windows and finally finds the right one. "Oh, here shey are!"
Cessy pants wishing she was on Sabastian. "Wash... wash... wash shere any shine before she fainted?", she pants.
Susanna: "Oh Sheshi, I didn't know what to do."
Cessy looks down at the lioness, and puts a hand to her brow. "What wash she doing before she fainted?"
Susanna kneels back by the side of the bed taking the Lionesses hand back in hers.
Jimmy ooomphs as he's pushed aside when his sister rushes into the house, slamming him against the frame... then the door slams into his face. A bit baffled he stares at the door, and then asks through the wood "Can I bring you shomeshing? Maybe shul-paga?"
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness sees their sister Cessy coming inside followed by Jarl Jimmy and stops crying, trying to calm down and not wanting the Jarl to see her like that anymore.
Cessy looks to her brother, then down at the lioness, then at her brother again "Shome boiling water, and shome rep closhsh, maybe shome candy too."
Susanna looks over her shoulder and then turns and kisses the lady's hand. "I shall be back shoon," she says softly then stands up. "Shimmy," she says, "Yesh getsh shome water and heat it pleashe."
Jimmy sits down outside, leaning against the door, mumbling to himself "Musht be shome of shat woman shtuff"... and oomphs again as his other sister rushes through the door and stumbles over him.
Susanna guides her brother outside, "Ish besht ush women deal wish shish my darling. We will call if we need you."
Cessy looks behind her, "And get shome paga."
Jimmy jumps up "Fine..." - he rubs his back where his sister kicked him. “Fine... I get shome hot watersh"....
Susanna: "And paga," Suzy calls repeating her sister.
Cessy thinks for a moment, then remembers how far north they are "...or mead!"
Susanna: "Lwaana, you mush tell ush what ish wrong. Shimmy ish not here. Pleashe lady, let ush help you."
Cessy takes her hand off the lionesses forehead, it feeling it bit warm not bad, then looking to the ladies belly, she carefully asks, "When did you lasht lie wish your mate?", she ask tentatively going though reasons for fainting in her head.

~ Jimmy in the meantime ~

Jimmy at his sisters words starts to run, but soon bumps into a stranger. "Tal, Shir!" he shouts passing, continues running as the stranger only stares at him buffled. After a while he finds a woman. He pants heavy from running around "Tal.. lady... ".. trying to catch breath... "can you... tell me... " - he coughs and holds his sides "... where... she well.. ish?"
The woman nods to the man, she sees him panting as if he is out of breath and about to faint "Ohh greetings ... Are you alright, Sir?"
Jimmy nods "I'm... fine... shust... running... But she lionesh...", he points to the cottage somewhere over the hills ".... she fainted..."
The woman: "Ohh please calm down .... you are getting me excited", she looks around to see if there is any danger.
Jimmy: "My shishtersh shent me to get water and heat it... Maybe she ish getting a baby?". He finally catches back his breath and is able to talk clearly as usual "Sho, where do I find hot watersh? And maybe hot mead or shul-paga too?"
The woman gasps "Ohh what!!! baby !! Oh my.... We... we...", she begins to feels panic too "We need a green!" At his request she cries out "In the ktichen... ktichen... there... the longhall... over there"
Jimmy shrugs "She didn't look pregrnat to me sho... But what do I know? I'm shusht a man... not know mush about woman-shingsh". Then he follows her pointing and runs "Shank you!". As he reaches the longhall he slams the door open mumbling " watersh... hot watersh...", looking around the longhall.
The woman appears behind him and steps into the kitchen "Have you.... got the paga, mead or whatever you looking for?"
Jimmy grabs a bota of sul-paga from the shelf.. just in case... then graps a kettle with hot water from the fireplace. "Oush!", he cries out as it burns his hand, but he runs, shouting over his shoulder to the lady "Yesh... I hash paga and water.... ouch!"... then stops his running for a moment "...maybe towelsh? Didn't she shay rep-closh?" Then adds ".. and maybe a healersh?"
The woman: "Towels... no... no.. dont have towels!!!" Her eyes looks toward the rags on the table top "Here... take this?" She picks up the used rag and gives to the man.
Jimmy almost rips the dirty table-cloths from the woman's hand and starts running again, hissing all the time "hot.. hot.. hot.. ouch... hot.. hot.. hot"

~ Meanwhile in the cottage~

A Stranger arrives having noticed the commotion going on at the Bloch’s cottage. He heard noise coming from inside the house
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness finally manages to calm down and looks around to see if anyone else was in the room when she manages to whisper some words "I...I was... whipped."
Stranger knocks on the door
Susanna gasps, her hand going to her mouth in horror. She looks to the door. "I will deal wish it, Sheshi, look after she lady."
Stranger: “Is everything ok?”
Susanna: "How might I help you shir?"
Stranger: “I heard noise coming from inside. Is there any way I could be of help?”
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness stays quiet when she hears the voice of her friend that just moved to their village.
Cessy gulps, her hands suddenly gripping the lionesses, and she nods to her sister "Who? when? Why? where?", she asks in confusion, then shaking her head, "Where were you whipped, wash it your back?"
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness nods to her question not been able anymore to talk.
Susanna looks the handsome man up and down, even in her emotional state she can appreciate a good looking male. "Oh ish alright," she says putting on her most sugary voice. "We ish jusht having a ladies tea party," she lies not wanting to embarrass her new friend by betraying her. She straightens her dress, "I am Shushanna, of she Clan Bloch," she says introducing herself. "And you, good Shir, are?"
Stranger looks at the beautiful lady in front of him and asks her “May I be of any help?”
Cessy frowns for a moment, wondering what is taking her brother so long "Hmmmm, shat ish not good," and she takes the blanket to cover the lionesses dignity "Take off your top", she whispers.
Stranger: “I’m Padrino, I’m new to the village,” he responds.
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness nods and each time she moved any part of her body she almost died of pain.
Susanna flutters her eyelashes not knowing what else to do. “Well met, Shir," she says, smiling behind her veil. “Everyshing ish alright here," she lies again. "You could look for our Brosher Shimmy for ush."
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness slowly and with some difficulty she manages to raise her body and with her help, to sit on the bed.
Padrino: “Where did he go?" staring at her beauty...
Susanna: "He ish fetching water for ush, He ish only a shmall man, he might need shome help."
Jimmy that moment arrives, carrying the hot water kettle, hissing all the time: “hot ... hot... hot... hot... hot...”
Susanna: "Ohh here he ish."
Jimmy: “OUSH!!!”, he drops the hot kettle with water before his sister's feet then blows his hands.
Cessy frowns at the commotion outside. "What ish going on out shere?"
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness starts removing her vest and each time she moved her body tears went to her eyes.”
Susanna takes the pot of water off of her brother, "Shimmy, shish is Padrino, Padrino, shish ish Shimmy, talk to eash other," she says as she takes the water inside and shuts the door on them both.
Jimmy looks at the man he met before "Greetings again, Shir!"
Padrino: “Greetings, Sir, how are you?”
Susanna: "Here ish the water, Sheshi"
Cessy hastily checks the blanket ish in place as the door opens, and watching the ladies movement in pain "Lwaana, ish shat your favorite dresh?"
Susanna leans to her sister, whispering, "How ish she, really?"
Jimmy holds a bit puzzled the rugs from the table in his other hand, considering a bit too late, that he might have not burnt his hands, if he had wrapped the hot kettle into the rugs...
Padrino asks the kind man on how to go about to get a job at the village. "I’m new here."
Cessy frowns, only being able to see the blood stained dress so far whispers back, "I don't know, but ish doesh not look good."
Susanna realises that Jimmy didn't give her the mead and goes back to get it from him.
Jimmy shouts through the door "Didn't find towelsh... she woman gave me shome rugsh from she table"... then turns to the man.
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness: “Nay lady it is not," she manages to answer her question.
Jimmy: "I am Shimmy from she Clan Bloch ... in shere are my shishtersh Sheshie and Shushi... and she lady Lionesh.. she fainted."
Susanna: "Did you bring mead, my brosher?"
Cessy calls after sister, "Get him to find a shlave to get one of her dreshesh and bring it too."
Susanna cannot help but smile again at the handsome man.
Jimmy takes the bota with sul-paga from his belt "Only found she shul-paga. Wash in a hurry."
Susanna: "It’sh good, my brosher."
Cessy reaches under her skirt and removes one of her kitchen knive "Shtay very, very shtill" she whispers to Lwanna, and begins cutting the dress.
Padrino can't help but stare at the beautiful woman in front of him.
Susanna gives her brother a smile, taking it from him. "Darling can you find a shlave of Lwaana's and get her to bring a dresh to ush?"
Jimmy narrows his eyes still a bit too excited with the happenings and just now getting aware of the man's question "Hmmm... A shop? Besht ashk she lady Lionesh in shere.. but not at she moment, I shink."
Susanna: "Maybe Padrino can help you find one? I mush go back in," she says. "I have Sul paga, shishter,"
Cessy: “Ah, shat ish good.”
~Another man arrives at the home of the Blochs~
Stranger: “Tal, Free”
Jimmy: “Tal, Shir
Padrino: “Tal, Sir”
Cessy reaches over to the warm water and puts her hands in it and yells,"ASSSHHHH!!!!!"
Stranger: “Tal, Sir. I’m looking for my woman. Has someone seen her? Her name is Lwaana.”
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness hearing her companion's voice makes signs to Cessy to not let him inside.
Susanna: "How ish she, Sheshi?"
Jimmy smiles for a moment to the other man "And who ish shat woman? Oh... she Lionesh?" He points over his shoulder "She ish in shere.. But I won't go in shere at she moment."
Cessy whimpers waving her hands to cool them, and then growls softly under her breath about her brother.
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness: "Don't let him come inside pleaseeeeeeeeeeee," she whispers to Cessy having forgotten her pain for a moment.
Jimmy lowers his voice and winks "I shink she ish getting a baby."
Susanna looks at her sister, hearing the voice outside. "I will send him to she long houshe."
Stranger look the free. “I’m Bobby Hirons, the village Jarl. And you are?”
Susanna hurries outside before her brother lets in the new arrival.
Bobby Hirons hear a door open and look a lady who he not recognized.
Jimmy: “I need to find a shlave to bring her new closhesh... Oh well met! I heard of you... I'm Shimmy of she Clan Bloch. "We are gueshtsh for a while in your lovely villash."
Cessy looks around, and taking one of the blankets begins to cut it into strips, and gently dips them into the water, then holds them for a moment to let them cool, then dabs them onto the lionesses back, slowly cleaning away the blood and torn flesh, her breath slow and catching as she tries not to react too badly and scare the Lioness.
Bobby Hirons: “Tal, Sir Jimmy.”
Susanna: "Greetingsh Sharl, I am Shushanna of she Clan Bloch and shish ish my brosher Shimmy."
Bobby Hirons: “Tal, lady. Nice meet you too.”
Jimmy looks once more over his shoulder and still in the assumption, that the Lioness is getting a baby he turns to the high Jarl and says with a big grin. "Well.. Congratsh shen, I shink."
Bobby Hirons: “Maybe you can help me, lady? I’m looking for my brat woman.”
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness makes grimaces of pain, crying again her back killing her each time the lady touched it.
Susanna: "And you too Shir," she says softly. "Who ish it you shearsh for?"
Bobby Hirons: “My woman!” Bobby Hirons whispers, “Did you see her, Padrino?”, he asks the villager.
Jimmy frowns and repeats what he said before.. very slowly "I shaid.. she ish.. in shere.. getting baby..."
Susanna pales realising this is the mate of the lady in such pain. "Shir, Lwanna ish not feeling very well, My shishter ish tending to her."
Bobby Hirons: “Getting a baby? My woman she is not pregnant!”
Jimmy shrugs, "I shink sho. Shey shaid, 'bring hot watersh and towelsh!' to me... "
Susanna glowers at her brother, "Resht ashured shat she ish not hashing a baby, Shir."
Jimmy: “Shey normally shay shat when a woman getsh a baby!”, he defends himself sulky. He pouts "Oh.. ish she not?"
Bobby Hirons nods
Susanna: "You need water and towelsh for other shings too, you know."
Bobby Hirons: “Excuse me, Sir. Excuse me, Lady. Let me go inside.”
Jimmy shrugs to the High Jarl "Shen.. shorry.. no congratsh.. I am shorry."
Bobby Hirons walk directly to the door.
Susanna: "Sharl, She doesh not want me to let you in."
Cessy carefully pours some of the sul paga onto one of the strips of cloth, and putting part of the blanket near Lwaana's mouth. "Bite down on shish Lwaana, shish will hurt I am afraid."
Bobby Hirons: “Are you sure the you can with that order lady?”
Susanna: "Pleashe go to she long houshe with my brosher and shish good man here, I shall shend for you ash shoon ash I can."
Jimmy finally remembers his sisters request "Shir... High Sharl? Maybe you can help me find a dresh for your companion?"
Susanna: "I beg you, Shir, I promish I shall call for you.”
Cessy thinks for a moment, then holds the flasks out to Lawanna. "On shecond shought, maybe drink shome firsht too."
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness bites the rep clothe she gives to her scared of the pain.
Bobby Hirons: “She don't need a dress, she needs a collar!”
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness receives the bottle and drinks some of the strong drink, she didn't know what burnt most the whip marks in her back or the drink.
Bobby Hirons shouts to let Lwaana hear him.
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness listens to his angry voice and grabs Cessy hand scared to death.
Bobby Hirons: “She un-respected my name and her children names. Please Lady, let me go inside. My honour not let me hurt a woman for nothing.”
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness: "He will kill me if he comes in," she whispers to Cessy
Susanna: "Shire pleashe, let ush help her, show her your anger later when she ish shtrong enough to deal with it. I know you are worried, but I give you my word I shall call you when she ish shettled."
Bobby Hirons call harder “LWAAAAAA. You let me in or I take you out here.”
Jimmy torn between to fulfil his sister's request and to protect his sisters and the lady, that was so kind to them, at the same time stays in place... insecure watching the scene.
Themosticles Petroculios, the brewer of the village, arrives to the scene: “Tal, folks.”
Bobby Hirons: “Lady, move to the side please.”
Padrino stands back and observes the situation.
Bobby Hirons: “Tal, Themos.”
Padrino: “Tal, Themos.”
Susanna: "You are she high Sharl and if you sho command me I shall stand ashide but I beg you, Shir, have pity and let ush help your woman."
Themosticles Petroculios: “Come stand with me, Lady.”
Jimmy notices the man they met the other day though he's wearing a scarf hiding most of his face. He lifts his arm "Tal again, Shir."
Themosticles Petroculios: “Tal, Friend.”
Bobby Hirons: “Move to the side, Lady.”, he says again, calmer now.
Susanna: "Give me your word you will not harm her." Susanna stands up to the jarl, her loyalty to the sweet lady strong.
Bobby Hirons: “I not need promise nothing.”
Susanna: “Shen I will not shand ashide, Shir"
Cessy scowls hearing raised voices outside, and growls softly. "Men," she mutters, "What ish going on out shere? Shere ish a shick women in here." Then bluffing and holding a finger to her mouth in a "shhhh" fashion, "Near to deash!"
Jimmy from all the running or as a result from the sickness the other day feels a bit week in his tummy. He searches in his bag for the different medicine juices and takes a gulp of each flask in the hope that one of it will help. Grimacing after every sip.
Susanna notices the brewer and nods to him in hello, but does not stand aside, though she does wish that uncle Veshter was standing next to her.
Cessy carefully wipes at each of the cuts with the cloth soaked in Sul-paga, moving the cloth away when Lwanna shows signs of distress and applying it again.
Themosticles Petroculios: ”Stand with me lady, it will be alright.”
Lady Lwaana: "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.....", she screams with pain
Bobby Hirons: “Stay with my brother Theo, Lady.”
Themosticles Petroculios: “Time is of the essence let the High Jarl deal with the matter, and we can resolve other issues later.”
Bobby Hirons: “Again move to the side.... please.”
Susanna: "Jarl I beg you once more, pleashe go to the long houshe, have shome mead."
Jimmy as the medicine reached his stomach feels it suddenly rumble "Uh oh!", he holds his belly in pain and quickly hisses "Ekshcushe me.....", then runs to the bushes to throw up.
Susanna looks over her shoulder, to the house, torn as to what to do. "Remember she ish a lady," she begs and stands aside.
Bobby Hirons enters the hut and walks to the lady's side "Tal, Lady.”, he greets Cessy
Susanna lowers her head, ashamed that she could not stop the man from entering.
Bobby Hirons: “Are you healer, lady?”
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness cries, the pain was too strong and didn't even noticed her mate got inside the room.
Padrino looks around wonder if the young man is doing ok.
Cessy scowls pretending she has not heard the words outside. "What are you doing in a shick room wishout knocking, hash you washed your handsh?"
Bobby Hirons: “Why you do that, Lwaa? Why you forced me to do this?”
Themosticles Petroculios: “Well, well, it will be all resolved soon, Lady.”
Susanna looks to the brewer, "Pleashe take him to she long houshe," she begs.
Bobby Hirons: “Why you decided dance naked in the middle of the village, woman?”, he says, getting a red face. Angry again his hand trembles. “Why don't you do what I order you?"
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness feels like her ground opening again, her shame covering her face when he finally says to all in there to listen what she did in a crazy moment.
Susanna looks around for her brother, worried for him.
Bobby Hirons: “I say you stop and you don’t, woman.”
Cessy frowns at the gentleman. "Shish ish a very shick women, she may die! Get out, unlesh you are bringing a dresh," she says angrily, holding the bloody cloth under his nose. "Or clean closh!"
Bobby Hirons: “Say me your name, Lady, before you talk with me like that!”
Susanna can stay outside no longer, hearing angry voices inside.
Bobby Hirons: “I go to send some dresses and salve and oil to her.”
Padrino follows lady inside hearing all the noise.
Bobby Hirons: “But this no finished yet, Lwaa!”
Themosticles Petroculios: “May I offer any help?”
Susanna: "Sharl," she says in a calming voice, "My shishter knowsh of healing. She meant no offensh to you."
Themosticles Petroculios: “I have some medical knowledge. Are you un-well Lady Lwaana?”
Susanna kneels once more by the side of the lady.
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness her shame just made her be quiet, like she was alone and no one talking to her, she could only cry.
Susanna: "Sharl," Suzy says in a calming voice, "My shishter knowsh of healing. She meant no offensh to you."
Jimmy after throwing up in the bushes feels much better. He washes his mouth with some water from the river, and then stuffs a candy between his lips for better breath. Wiping his lips with the back of his hand he returns to the house.
Themosticles Petroculios: “I will leave you to it the cottage is already too crowded.”
Cessy frowns angrily at the man. "Whatsh in a name? Shish ish a shick woman, I am healing her, and you..." she again holds the rag in front of his face, "Are covered in dusht, now leavesh she room until sheshe woundsh are covered!"
Padrino walks outside
Cessy nods, "Shat'sh better," then calling after him. "And dont forget a dresh!"
Jimmy looks suspiciously at the door, then as the visitor is coming out he asks him, "Everyshing well in shere?"
Padrino: “Tal, Sir, are you ok?”
Bobby Hirons: “This is not finished, Lwaa! But I got to be calm again. Don’t know if you deserve that I calm down.", then turns to the sisters "We take a dress for her, Ladies.”
Jimmy nods to Padrino "All fine.. I shink... shusht felt a bit weak in she shtomach. Musht have been one of she candiesh being bad..." Then he smiles "I am Shimmy of she Clan Bloch:"
Bobby Hirons looks back sadly at his wife, then leaves the room.
Susanna follows the Jarl to the door, "Shir, I don't know what happened but pleashe have pity.”
Bobby Hirons: “Come and take some dress for her, Lady, and medicaments. I don't want a damaged bond.”
Susanna follows the Jarl outside. "Shimmy will you go wish she Jarl and fetch shome closhesh for she lady?"
Padrino: “Tal, Sir.”
Jimmy as his sister Susy leaves the cottage together with the high jarl turns from the silent man to her "Everyshing fine, shishter?"
Bobby Hirons: “Tal, come lady.”
Susanna: "Yesh, brosher.". She realises Bobby wants her to go with him.
Jimmy nods to his sister, then to the silent man, then runs after the high jarl.
Susanna: “Forgive me shir, that I am being rude,” Suzy says to the Padrino.
Padrino “Its ok, Lady.”
Susanna: "I musht go back to she Lady Lwaana, forgive me, Shir."
Padrino: “Ok, go tend to her.”
Susanna: "You should go to she long houshe and make shure she High Sharl ish alright. Maybe ply him wish shome mead and a pretty bond to take hish mind away from shish.". She gives the man a smile then goes back inside.
Padrino: “Ok.”

~ The sisters alone in the hut with the Lioness ~

Cessy reaches into her bag, and takes out a small purple vial, then mixing it with the sul-paga in a bowl, she carefully wipes some of the cloths into the liquid, trying not to gag at the foul stench.
Susanna enters the house and whispers to her sister, "How ish she, my shishter?"
Cessy: "Shish will not shmell pleashent, but it will shtop you shcarring" she whispers. "You will need not to bash for five daysh, even if you do shmell like Jimmy."
Susanna: "Oh, I am sure she will not shmell shat bad my shishter."
Cessy frowns at her sister, biting at her lip a little. "It looks worshe shan it ish. It should heal wish my shalve, but... if shat man ashksh - she ish dying"... then thoughtfully, "Who whash he anywhay?"
Susanna: "He wash she High Sharl, Lwaana'sh Mate. I shink"
Cessy blinks for a moment, realising whom she scolded, then shrugs, "Ah well, what ish done ish done."
Susanna: "I am shorry Lady, I tried to keep him out but he would not shtay."
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness being quiet since her mate left the room, she couldn't talk, closed her eyes and only could cry in silence wondering what happened to her to have done such act.

~ In the meantime at the village ~

Jimmy runs after the High Jarl who walked away in big paces. Finally he reached him "Oh.. shere...."- he pants heavily - ".. you are!" Then adds trying to catch his breath "Ish a lot of running todaysh!"
Bobby Hirons enters the healer's hut: "Come please". He looks around for the salve.
Jimmy narrows his eyes looking at the man "You are shure you are well, Shir? You look a bit... heated... feverish?" ((NLS said, he is sick))
Bobby Hirons finally finds what he was looking for: "Here it is!", then turns to Jimmy: "Well? I am not well! My free companion was dancing naked on the village! How I got to be well?". He takes the salve and gives it to him
Jimmy frowns "Oh? Why did she do sho?"
Bobby Hirons: "Please, Sir, give this to your sister to put it on the whips marks"
Jimmy takes the salve and puts it under his jacket
Bobby Hirons: "Let me give you some good dress for her"
Jimmy: "Shank you, Shir. I will..", then he looks around "Shish looksh like a healersh hut. I shink shere's no dresh for your companino in here?"
Bobby Hirons: "Our daugther's house is close"
Jimmy follows the high jarl to another hut and politely waits outside
Bobby Hirons opens the door and gets into the house. He searches for a dress, taking it and comes out gain, closing the door pushin it with his boot. He extended the arm to give the dress to him: "Take it"
Jimmy takes the dress from the jarl's hands and wants to put it into his bag, then realizing he forgot it in the cottage, so he stuffs it under his arm. He nods "I will bring it to shem...", and adds in a lower voice ".. if I find she hut"
Bobby Hirons looks at him: "Come with me"
Padrino approaches.
Bobby Hirons: "Come, Padrino"
Together they walk back to the hut...

~ Back at the hut ~

Bobby Hirons: “I wait you with notice in the long hall, Jimmy”
Jimmy knocks at the door with his boots. "I'sh got she dresh and shome shalve!"
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness nods to Susanna knowing that no one could ever stop her mate when he wanted something.
Jimmy turns and nods at the high jarl with a smile. He takes the dress from under his arm, handing it to his sister
Bobby Hirons: “How is she, lady?
Cessy smiles at the flames in the fire having turn blue meaning that salve is working, "Come in, she is covered."
Susanna opens the door and takes the dress from him; she gives him a small smile and whispers, "Shank you,"
Bobby Hirons looks directly into her eyes
Jimmy then pulls the salve from under his jacket and hands it to his sister too. He takes a deep breath "Shat running makes me a bit dishy...."
Susanna takes the salve, "She ish weak Shir."
Bobby Hirons: “Take her to the healer place then.”
Susanna: “Give me a moment and I shall shee if you can shee her.”
Bobby Hirons just walk back and get in
Jimmy sits down on the ground to recover, reaches for the flask of medicine at his belt and takes another sip. Then he reaches it out in case anyone else is feeling sick too.
Susanna passes some salve and the dress to her sister, "She Sharl wantsh to shee her, Might I let him in shisher."
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness closes her eyes, her body starts trembling the pain was too strong, she had the impression to be dying.
Cessy holds out the last of the sul-paga to Lwaana, "you had better finish shish, it will dullsh she pain."
Susanna looks over her shoulder as she hears the door open, "Sheemsh shat he ish sheeing her regardlesh" she mumbles.
Bobby Hirons look at her and only turn back and walk out the room get his way to the hall.
Padrino “Are you gonna be ok?”
Bobby Hirons: “Odin blessed you, woman.”
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness tries to reach the bottle from Cessy's hands and suddenly her arm falls on the bed, no reaction.
Bobby Hirons: “Come to the hall, new friend. You can eat and be warmed there. I need rest too.”
Jimmy still holding out the flask with medicine waits if anyone else needs a sip. Finally he stands up and brushes his butt, nods with a smile to answer the other man's question, then to the high jarl to follow him.
Padrino “Shall we go?”
Bobby Hirons: “Come, Padrino, lets eat something.”
Susanna steps outside and checks that the men have at last gone.
Cessy quickly puts a hand to Lwaana forehead, then neck, then screams out "HIGH JARL!!"
Susanna says softly. "Shey hash gone." Then more panicked, “Ish it Sheshi?”
Cessy frowns "worsh shan I short" she bluffs, feeling guilty about lieing to her sister "Quickly, run get she high Jarl"
Susanna: “Yesh, Shishter.” Grabs up her skirt and runs to the long house.
~in the long house~

Bobby Hirons, Padrino and Jimmy enter the longhall.
Bobby Hirons: "Join me at my table, please"
Padrino: "Thank you"
Jimmy looks around in the dimned light of the longhall in hope to see the nice bond again, looking a bit disappointed as he doesn't see her, he takes place next to the high jarl
Bobby Hirons: "Eat and drink what you want"
Jimmy looks at the plate with verr-cheese: "Ohhh... all she verr-sheeshe empty already. Doesh your companion shtill hash shome, high sharl?"
Bobby Hirons: "I have verr cheese"
Jimmy: "I gave her five platesh she osher day for she feshtivity"
Bobby Hirons: "Come with me" He leads the guests to the table filled with meals. "Take what you want"
Jimmy licks his lips indeed feeling a bit hungry
Bobby Hirons "Just take and eat". He looks around for more meals.
Padrino: "It all looks so good"
Bobby Hirons: “The sa tarna is great.”
Susanna bursts into the long house breathing hard. "Sharl Sharl, " she calls, "You musht come quickly"
Padrino33 looks back at the lady.
Bobby Hirons cut the verr and eat it. “Delicious!”
Jimmy throws the satarna-bread high in the air as he jumps from his sister bursting into the long hall.
Susanna: "Sharl, your lady, she ish much wrosh.”
Bobby Hirons: “What happened?”
Susanna: "I don't know Sharl, I was outshide and Sheshi shouted me to come get you."
Bobby Hirons: “Aii, eat brothers. I will see what happened." He runs back to the cottage with Susanna.
Susanna nods.
Jimmy follows them.
~back at the Bloch’s cottage~
Bobby Hirons as they reach the cottage: “What's the problem, lady?”
Susanna puts her hand on her heart not used to running, She bends over, trying to catch her breath. “Come in, Shimmy.”
Bobby Hirons: “What happened? Is she getting bad? Someone say something!”
Susanna gasps, if she has to do much more running she will need to eat a lot more butter or she will get thin.
Jimmy wrinkles his nose as he enters the hut. Then sniffs at his armpits to assure, that the bad smell doesn't come from him.
Cessy looks up as the high Jarl enters, "She hash shlipped into a coma", she bluffs knowing that her medicine has knocked Lwaana out for a number of hours to come. "She will come out of it, but it will take shome time, she body ish not designed for she punishment shat she had..... you should find she pershon shat did shish to her, and kill him."
Susanna nods in agreement. "Only a beasht would treat a lady sho badly."
Bobby Hirons: “I dont know a body to be designed to be punished.” them she was her own beast. ((sorry I don’t know if this is said or emoted.)) “I say her a lot to don’t before she get the whips.”
Cessy frowns, "He musht be a monshter of a man, and outlaw", she scowls, and she uncovers Lwaanas back. "Look at what shish pershon hash done to her." She gestures to the gouges in Lwaana’s back. "Shish ish not she work of a shane man." Cessy scowls at the high jarl, her face full of horror "You let shomone do shish to her?", she says with confusion.
Susanna: "Shimmy will help you hunt him down, won’t you Shimmy."
Jimmy nods and pats his bat "Aye."
Bobby Hirons look to the women and says nothing for a moment, just listens. Then he looks at her neck and misses something. 'What happened with the collar?', he thinks. He asks out loud: "She has no collar on her neck?”
Cessy stands up to her full height, her work with healing done and looks even more confused "Not shat I have sheen, why would she? She outlawsh collared her?", she says, getting more and more confused by the moment.
Bobby Hirons: “You not see her with a collar, Lady Cessy? No, it was not an outlaw, it was me! She unrespected her family."
Susanna gasps at the man's confession.
Bobby Hirons: “I said that before, she deserved.... she asked for it! She was dancing naked in front of the hall... waiting to be collared!"
Cessy looks at the man in horror, "You did shish to her, but... but.. she may die!", she says in both horror and confusion. "How could you do shish to your lady?"
Susanna looks at the lady on the bed surprised at what she had done but understanding the sudden madness that must have possessed her.
Cessy looks even more confused by his statement. "Naked?"
Bobby Hirons: “Possessed her, she do cus she wanted... she loved it... I told her to do into the house...”
Susanna nods understanding what he says, but her loyalty to the lady stopping her from saying so.
Jimmy frowns at the high jarls words and the insanity of the Lioness. He whispers to Suzy. "Maybe too mush of shat mead?"
Susanna: "Yesh, it hash shat effect, makesh you feel very hot and want to take off your closhesh."
Jimmy continues whispering to his sister. "Why elshe should a woman dansh naked in she shenter of she villash... when she ish not a bond? ... well, or aunt Olivia, who refushesh to wear closhesh ever."
Cessy frowns, Lwaana having kept that quiet and nods at her brother's words and whispers suddenly chastened. "A momentsh madnesh, Sharl, wash she doing it in front of men, or shusht hershelf?"
Susanna: "Maybe she hash a brain shicknesh, Sharl? And needsh a healer?"
Bobby Hirons: “Cessy, she was on the outside dance pit and as I came, she took her dress off. I told her to stop... that is not the place for doing so... I tried to make her come inside our house... and she didn’t want to.... She said that she miss to dance and continued... By the way - she dances like nobody.”
Cessy looks at the jarl for a moment, then at the colour of his skin, "Shtay shtill a moment Jarl, and opensh your mouth."
Susanna: "I shink, Shir, shat she hash a shicknesh of she brain momentarily."
Jimmy nods, "She shame like Aunt Olivia."
Susanna nods in agreement with her brother.
Bobby Hirons: “Baby, you reconsidered your mistake?", he moves close to her and whispers
Cessy leans over to Lwaana with some smelling salt, ones that smell even worse than the salve on her back to wake her up,
Bobby Hirons: “It’s about the family... your family, you can’t be collared for any jarl. When this was a forest no haved problem... was only you me and Asha... Now we have a village and you are my fc. You can’t be collared and if you need a collar... then I give you my collar... You are free... You are my woman and have two childs... A great boy and a wonderful lady...”
Susanna speaks softly to her brother, "Maybe we should let them talk alone."
Bobby Hirons: “Both fc close to give us grandsons"
Cessy nods "We will leave you to talk Jarl", and she nods her head respectfully as she head towards the door.
Bobby Hirons: “Any time I hurt you - I hurt myself.” See they moving out. “No need go.”
~Jimmy, Cessy and Susanna go outside the cottage~
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness awakes with the strong smell under her nose and tries to remember where she was when the pain in her back reminded her.
Bobby Hirons still close to her look into her eyes. He caresses her face softly with the fingertips. “I have bandage with salve for you, babe.”
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness recognizes her mate's voice and tears starts falling again "I.....I.....I am sorry", she manages to whisper finally.
Bobby Hirons: “I’m more sorry, babe. I never wanted to whip you. I had no other choice.”
Susanna sighs softly at the thought of the dear lady in such pain.
Bobby Hirons: “Sit and let me put a bandage on and dress you. Like always let me take care of you." He slowly covers her with the bandage adding more salve.
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness ....with his help manages to sit, the pain unbearable killing her, she loved him so much and if she knew would not have drink that mead, that was the last time she tried to drink that evil drink.
Cessy smiles, "We will shusht be outshide, Sharl", then nodding towards Lwaanas dress that Suzie left on the bed. "Help your love to dresh hershelf, and make her finish she sul-paga to dull she pain."Susanna follows her sister out of the door, indicating to Jimmy to follow.
Jimmy follows his sisters outside, waiting before the door. He sits on the ground and stretches his legs out on the ground, tired from all the running.
Cessy sits down beside her brother and sister
A stranger arrives: "Tal"
Susanna: "Ohh Tal shir"
Jimmy too tired to stand up just raises his hand as another stranger arrives, however he offers a warm smile "Tal, Shir"
Cessy smiles at the gentleman and nods her head in greeting, then pushes at her brother's back for him to introduce them to the gentleman
Jimmy: "Are you from she villash here too? - I am Shimmy of she clan Bloch. Sheshe are my shishtersh - Shushanna and Sheshillia. We are travelersh and trade wish woolsh and verr sheeshe and baking goodsh.. and we retshi.. reshdi... reshidint... we shtay here in she villash for a while"
The stranger smiles to all of them with a gentle nod he speaks "How about if we all go to the longhall?"
Jimmy: "Shank you for she offer, Shir, but we are all a bit tired. It wash a long day wish lotsh of running.. for me."

Susanna: "I did runningsh too brosher," she says pouting a little
Jimmy: "We shusht waitsh to return into our cottash shere" - He points over the man's shoulder. He tilts his head: "Shorry, I shink I didn't undershtand your name, Shir"
The Stranger ignoring the hint: "As I understand, you feel like staying here? That's good. I am glad you all spend goodesh timesh"
Jimmy beams "Oh! Finally a man shpeaking wishout an akshent! It'sh shometimesh SHO HARD to undershtand she peoplesh wish sheir shtranshe akshentsh!!!"
Cessy nods "Sho nishe not to have to shink about what shomeone ish shaying"
Jimmy: "You musht have forefashersh of our villish!"
Susanna: "Sheshi, you should not shit in she grash, you will get a shill." Suzy nods in agreement with her brother, the gentleman seemed to be the first that they encountered that could speak clearly.
Cessy frowns "I will be ok; I am shitting on my dress."
That moment the High Jarl and his lady coming out of the cottage.
Susanna turns seeing the lady on her feet albeit supported by her mate.
Jimmy finally gets up as the high jarl and the lioness leave the house, glad to notice, that everything seems to be fine between them.
Bobby Hirons: “She is getting better.”
Susanna: "If it ish alright I shink I need to lie down from all she eshitement."
Bobby Hirons: “Let’s go then.”
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness reaches for her mate's arm "My love, I’m not feeling so strong to walk so far to hall"
Bobby Hirons: “Come Lwaa softly. No need to run.” Bobby Hirons take her over his arms
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness looks at lady Cessy and Susanna "Thank you to you two, you both saved me today I don't know how to pay it. And you as well, Jarl Jimmy, thank you so much."
Susanna: “It ish our pleashure dear lady. If you needsh ush you know where we ish."
Bobby Hirons: “Like in the old times come into my arms, babe.”
Cessy nods "I shink I needsh to lie down too, it hash been long, and healing takesh it out of me."
Bobby Hirons: “You all come with us to the hall yes?”
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness: "Aye, I know and hope you will stay here longer", she siles warmly to them and goes to her mate's arms
Jimmy nods to the village leaders. "I am glad all ish fine now."
Susanna: “I shink I will go and resht my brosher, shafe pathsh shir, be well Lwanna.”
Jimmy: nods and stretches "All shat running hash made me tired too, shishtersh" They say good night to everyone.

~ Jimmy and his sisters back in the cottage ~

Susanna strips off her veil and lets down her hair.
Jimmy looks at the naked walls. "Shall I hang up a painting of Uncle Veshter and hish kashira?"
Cessy yawns and wihout even taking off her normal clothes lies on the bed exhausted.
Susanna: “You needsh to shange shat frock tomorrow Sheshi.”
Cessy frowns, "Shust becaushe you keepsh buying dreshesh Shushie... you will spend your dowry of dreshesh"
Susanna: “Ohh ish Uncle Veshter and Shimona!”
Jimmy nods. “I shought her name ish Shoshona?
Susanna: “Did you drawsh it?”
Jimmy: “Yesh, I painted it.”

Susanna: “I shink he shanshesh it cush he can't remember it.”
Jimmy pulls the blanket over his oldest sister which already fell asleep. He whispers "Shleep tight, shweet shishter dear!"
Cessy rolls over for a moment, and climbs unsteadily to her feet to hug her bother and sister good night. She pulls her brother in toward him, smothering him with her breasts, then lets him go to grasp Suzie
Jimmy: “Shat ish a nishe night-dresh, my shishter!", he whsipers to not wake up Cessie.
Susanna: “Shank you, Shimmy, ish like sheshi's.”
Jimmy: “You shoon will find a companion. I am shure. She travelsh did you well and you look like a very pretty lady.”
Susanna smiles at her brother's flattery, "I am not sho shure I want one Shimmy.”
Jimmy frowns "Why shouldn't you want one, shishter?"
Susanna: “I shink you has she besht idea .. and shtick to ourshelvesh. Men shusht want to control a lady, besht get a companion from she villash where women and women and she men do ash shey are told.” Susanna sighs and gets into bed pulling the blanket up to her nose. “Goodnight my dear Shimmy. Shee you in she morning.”
Jimmy shrugs, then yawns and stretches again. He turns his back to his sister and starts to strip down to his long wooden underwear.