Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Party at Lionwoodsh

~Arriving at Lionwoods~

Dancing Slave girl hips gyrate slowly and sensually as she looks at her Jarl .. her body begins to heat more .. she feels her juices begin to flow .. her desire showing in her eyes .. her flaming locks move across her hot skin of her back making her sense come alive
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness looks behind her to familiar voices and happy she joined them "ohhhhhhh You came!!!!! Welcome back Clan!!! Please join us and take a seat"
Story Teller: "Thor's work was done, but his sons, Magne and Mode, brought back to earth the wonderful hammer which had so often flashed over frost-giants and rung in their ears. More wonderful than all, out of Mimer's forest, where the fountain of memory once stood, and through which the feet of Odin had so often gone in search of knowledge, came Lifthraser and Lif, the one man and woman who had escaped the ruin of the world. And they drank the dew of the morning and grew strong and beautiful. They plucked the sweet new flowers and turned the furrows of the fresh earth, and the harvests waved for them abundantly in all the future years until their children and their children's children filled the whole earth.รข€
Susanna:”Greetingsh, Dear Lady.”
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness looks again at Jimmy and saw he was clean this time she sees him "Ohhh Jarl, you look different. - How are you all? I am so pleased to see you three again in my home, come with me to have a seat please!"
Susanna pinches his cheek lovingly. "Shee? I told you he shcrubbed up well."
Jimmy smiles at the Lioness and whispers very, very quiet "Greetingsh, Lady" to not disturb the dancing bond. At the Lioness words he grins and whispers "Yesh, I bashed"
Slave girl 2 looks with amusement, how beauutiful Rhi dances, she sways her body so effortlessly in grace, she wishes to be able to dance like her.
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness laughs joyfully "Come with me please. Ohhh what a lovely verr you have Lady."
Susanna whispers. "Maybe we find a companion for him shish time"
Story Teller: “And in due time did come jarl Bobby, and his woman Lady Lawana, and all their kin. They did toil ceaselessly, and transformed the valley of Lionwwods into a fertile and productive home for all to liff off.”
Lady Lwaana laughs once again "Aye this time you will for sure, Lady. Please come to this table.”
Susanna: “He ish still vertically shanllanged shough.”
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness smiles warmly to the brother and sisters
Jarl 1 smiles at the tale
Cessy smiles "Shank you, Lady", she says politely. "Yesh, I hurt my ankle when she Impresh shank, I find it a lot eashier to just shit on Shabashtain."
Story Teller: “And so through all the ages the Valley and Plans and Village of Lionwoods will move to the end. Trees will wave, flowers bloom, stars shine rivers flow, men toil and reap in the fruitful fields, the gods look lovingly down from the Hrimgar Mountains upon their labours; for the hand of the great All-father will lift men through obedience and industry to himself.”
Susanna looks the gentleman at the table up and down and decides to sit close to him.
Story Teller: "Such is the story of the village........."
Cessy scowls as her sister almost leaps to get in next to the gentleman at the table, and gently nudges Sabastian to take up a position on his other side
Jimmy waits till his sisters sit... and if the bench will hold their weight... before he dares to sit too.
nallah peeks over her Master's shoulder, "May girl bring you anything further Master"
Jarl 1 raises his horn to Thorveld and the telling of his tale.
Dancing slave girl moans softly as her juices leaves body .. in a soft mewing sound she continues to dance .. places each dainty foot firmly on the floor .. her large full hips sway this way and that .. her eyes full of desire .. she watches the Jarls .. not hearing any boo's .. she continues to dance .. her hands moving over her firm full breasts .. as they pass her nipples she lightly pinches them ..
Slave girl 1 claps her hand at The Storyteller
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness claps her hands "Very well, my son."
Jarl 1 watches the bond dancing, his eyes fixed on her moving hands, her firm breasts
Dancing slave girl shaking her breasts .. she twirls around the fire pit ..
Jarl 2 raises my glass to the story of lionwoods
Jarl 6: “I am good, nallah, see to others.”
nallah: “Yes Master, may girl do so now?”
nallah’s Master:” You may.”
nallah: “Thank you, Master.” nallah steps around the tables quietly as to not disturb the entertainment.
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness: "Lady Cessy, you will be more comfortable here at the table with your brother and sister?", she smiles warmly to her
Jarl 1 enchanted by the bond's dancing he allows his mead to trickle down his chin, unnoticed.
Jimmy: “Oh, look, shishtersh! Shere ish shat girl from she osher island!" - He waves to nallah behind him.
Susanna leans to her brother, "She will catsh her deash in shat dresh, " she points the scantily dressed slave.
nallah smiles recognizing the Master before her, "May girl bring you anything to eat or drink Master"
Dancing Slave dances sedately along the edge of the fire pit careful of her feet .. She sways and moves slowly.
Jarl 3: “Aye, rhi, more fire, my girl, and heat our loins with your dances.”
Jimmy whispers to his sisters "Oh, I should hash bringed my kalika too!", then nods to nallah "Do you hash shome of shat mead?"
Susanna covers her brother's eyes. "You are mush too young to wash shish."
nallah tilts her head ears straining picking up key words, "Yes Master, would you wish mead?"
Jarl 2 watches with pleasure the dancing girl
Jimmy rummages in his bag, then reaches some verr cheese to the Lioness, whispering "Ish a gift for your feshtivity, lady."
Cessy looks worriedly at Sabastian, not sure if he will try to eat something again if she stops weighing him down, and carefully answers "Oh, but Shabashtain ish sho comfortable, I like shitting on him" she says with a pout.
Susanna: “Ohh yesh gir, I hash mead too pleashe.”
nallah smiles brightly, "Yes, Mistress, mead"
Dancing Slave girl, moving closer to her Jarl .. She smiles her eyes fill with laughter .. "Yes my Jarl ." as she begins to remove her clothes .. Her body drips in sweat from the heat of the fire pit and her own slave heat adding to it she moves across to the Jarl at the end of the table .. and drops her top onto his plate .. smiles as she shakes her bare breast at him
Susanna: “And one for sheshi too, pleashe.”
nallah steps back a bit before turning towards the barrels and kegs.
Jarl 1 his eyes fixed on the girl, her swaying hips and moving breasts, her body so plump and ripe.
Cessy puzzles for a moment, "Wash it mead we had lasht time?"
Dancing slave lightly traces her fingers down her full breasts she cups them and jiggles them for a moment before tweaking her firm nipples
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness nods and smiles to lady Cessy "Aye, lady, it was spicy one"
Jimmy slaps his sister's hand away "Me ish twenty and one yearsh old, me can watsh she bond danshing!”, he complains to his sister and fixes his eyes on the nice curves of the dancing bond
nallah plucks a horn from its resting place, turning the vessel upright. nallah skims the delicate pad of her finger about the rim before cleaning and polishing it, placing curled vessel beneath the tap she quickly fills it causing a rich foamy head to form at the rim before closing the tap and heading to the Master's side.
Jarl 3 looks to the drooling iron worker and lifts his horn in a nodd of a rovements....
nallah lifts the horn to her lips pressing a tender kiss to the vessels side before lowering her head and eyes offering the mead to Him, "Your mead Jarl, may it bring much pleasure"
Jarl 1 smiles to his friend Roo, drinking his mead.
Cessy remembers "Oh yesh, shat one, yesh had an intereshting tashte" she says remembering the headache the following morning.
Jimmy as nallah offers him the mead, takes it from her with a nod and a smile... and faces again the challenge to balance the drinking horn on the table after he took a small sip.
Jarl 1 pops a delicate ramberre in his mouth, crushing it on the roof of his mouth with his tongue, the sweet nectar flowing into his mouth, reminding him of his own bond for a moment. . . .
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness controls herself not to laugh, she loved to have the clan in her home, shame her mate was taking time to arrive.
Dancing slave girl dropping her scanty silks on the table .. she smiles a bright smile ..before him .. then slowly turns .. bending her firm body in half as she hooks her fingers slowly into her to the side of her pants .. slowly revealing her full plump cheeks .. before she pulls them back up .. moves off too the other corner
nallah smiles stepping back turning to the kegs and barrels once more, pucking a large horn from the shelf the girl trails the delicate pad of her finger about the rim checking for imperfections before cleaning and polishing the vessel.
Cessy whispers to the slave "Hash you shome water for my verr?"
nallah tips the large curled vessel under the tap filling it quickly watching the golden liquid forming to a white fluffy head at the rim, closing the tap. nallah turns stepping to the Mistress's side, lifting the vessel to her in offering, "Your mead, Mistress, may you find it pleasing". nallah smiles to the Mistress on the animal, "Yes, Mistress, would you wish it to have a bowl?"
The Dancing slave bending slowly she hooks her fingers into the side of her bottoms .. and removes them slowly .. as she bends over her revealing her hidden desire .. her heat suddenly leaks as she becomes more excited .. the dance sending her body reeling with desire
Susanna rolls her eyes at her uncouth sister, "Shank you, dear shing," she says nicely to the slave girl, before turning back to her sister and saying. "Don't you shink Shebashtion should grash in she field, dear?"
Jimmy : “Oh, where did she mushishan go?”
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness feeling really happy all was going calmly and well, her son playing, a pretty thick bond dancing, wonderful people, aye she was blessed.
Cessy smiles "Yesh, pleashe"
nallah tips her head, "Very well, Mistress, water for your beast."
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness smiles to Jarl Jimmy "He is here, Jarl, went to the other side too."

Jarl 1 smiles at everyone enjoying the day, raises his horn of mead again in salute to them all before drinking.
Dancing slave girl looks over to the her Jarl .. as she bends and sway her body .. her heat glistens .. with her juices
nallah steps back from the table her eyes darting around seeking a vessel for the beasts water.
Susanna frowns slightly at the horn, not quite knowing what to do with it once she had taken a sip. She shrugs and holds it between her knees.
Jimmy gulps as the dancing bond drops her silks, then quickly takes another sip from the mead.
Dancing slave girl her flaming red hair flies wildly about her .. her full heavy breasts sway and jiggle sensually as she dances naked in the heat from the fire and within ..
Susanna looks to Cessi, "She ish definitely going to catsh a chill if she ish not careful."
nallah steps to the counter, taking a small bowl the girl fills it with water before stepping back and approaching the smallish furry creature, bending slighting keep her eyes fixed on the animal, she places the bowl before it, before stepping back.
Jimmy without taking his eyes from the dancer leans to his sister "Shey musht be very rish villash. Sheir bondsh are fed well. Shat ish a very nishe... view!"
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness laughs to lady Susanna comment, "Nay, lady, she is good in that, she never burns herself, not till now that I know"
Cessy smiles watching the girl dance "Now shere ish a nishe girl, dont you shink so Jimmy?......... Jimmy?........." *coughs to get his attention* "...brosher shweetist?" Cessy grins as the girl places the bowl before her Veer "Shank you, little one"
Jarl 2 leans toward Roo, she is a very pleasing girl, friend
Susanna nods. "Yesh, very rish, lotsh of butter in sheir cooking."
Jarl 3: “Well, ye that she is, my friend.”
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness claps hands when her son stopped the song.
Jimmy looks just for an ihn to his oldest sister "What?!", then quickly turns his glance back to the dancer to not miss a single... move.”
Jarl 3: “And very desired as well as you see.”
Jarl 4: “That was a fine performance, Skald.”
Dancing slave girl... the music .. the heat from the burning embers the Jarls all contributing to her pleasure as she dances for them .. her desire apparent as she bends and opens her legs the slick with her juices ..
Cessy chuckles at her brother, "You are forgetting Elishabesh at lasht Jimmy?"
Jarl 2: “Yes i see that”, he smiles and takes a big gulp of his mead.
nallah steps back from the beast glancing across the room spotting a plate-less Master
The Storyteller: “Tal Brothers.”
Jimmy as the bond finished her dance slaps his left shoulder with his right hand as he seen it the others in Gor do... Unfortunately forgetting that he was holding the drinking horn in his hand. After pouring half of the mead over his sisters dress, he holds the now empty horn up to nallah "Can I hash anosher one, pleashe?"
Jarl 5: “Tal Thor, you performed well again.”
Jarl 3: “Tal Thor, well done.”
Jarl 5 sees as the bond approaches
nallah strides around the serving table with purpose filled steps, a smile painting her face, "Greetings Master, may girl serve you anything?"
Jimmy raises his eyebrows to his oldest sister and hisses "...shaysh she one wish she ram between her legsh?"
Jarl 5: “I will take a warmed mead, girl"
Jarl 1: “Indeed!", he calls to Thor, raising his horn again in salute to his music.
Dancing slave girl the music in her heart from the love she feels for her Jarl at this moment .. for allowing her to dance.
nallah: “Yes Jarl, warmed mead.”
Dancing slave girl: "Yes, my Jarl", she whispers softly
Jarl 3: “See to my friends and guests, please, while Thor is on a break.”
nallah steps back rounding the serving table
Dancing slave girl: “Yes, my Jarl.”
Susanna looks at her horn, and checks the bottom as it seems to be empty and her dress is wet so it must have a hole in the bottom. "Can I hash another," she says holding the horn high in the air.
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness sees the girls busy and grabs the horn form jarl Jimmy's hands "I will bring you another, Jarl"
The Storyteller-Thor: “Thanks folks.”
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness walks to his sister "And will bring one for you too, lady", she says with her usual smile in her face and calm voice.
Jimmy as the others raise their horn, raises his too.... and gets it grabbed away...
Dancing slave girl stands behind her Jarls friend. "Would you care for something more, Jarl?"
Jarl 2: ”Some mead would be good.”
Dancing slave girl: “Right away, Jarl.”
Jarl 2: “Seem I got rather thirsty watching you dance”, he says with a laugh
nallah plucks a horn from the shelf turning the curled vessel over the girl trails the delicate pad of her finger about the rim before cleaning and polishing it.
Cessy blushes hearing a crunching sound coming from Sabastian and her drink missing "ummm.... and onesh for me too, pleash, if you would be sho kind"
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness walks to the drinks display and opens the barrel tap filling both horns with some spicy and warm mead and walks back to give them the horns
Jarl 4: “So we had a very fine day for it!”
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness gives them the horns filled, first to Jarl Jimmy and then to his sister and smiles warmly to both
Thor:” Yes, it was a most wonderful day, Trajan.”
Susanna: “Ohh shank you, dear lady," Suzy says as their hostess offers her a new mead.
Jarl 5: “I would proposes a toast to Lady Lawanna, Jarl Bobby and all who worked so hard to make it possible.”
Dancing slave girl walking slowly back with the mead she places it between her full firm naked breasts.. then slowly leans forward she whispers softly to the jarl " here is your mead Jarl .. girl hopes it is to your liking " she smiles .. flasher her perfectly white teeth
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness walks around the tables to see if all were eating and drinking
Jarl 4-Trajan: “Yes. I will drink to that!”
nallah steps to the fires carefully ladeling warmed mead into the vessel filling it to the rim, cupping it the girl strides to the Master's side.
Jarl 2: smiles at the girl “thank you”
Thor: “They have all been working on it for many days.”
Dancing slave girl "Will there be anything else, Jarl?"
Jarl 2: “Mmm, very good mead.”
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness steps behind Jarl Bremen "Is everything well, Jarl?" she asks with a warm smile
nallah brings the warmed horn to her lips pressing a tender kiss to its side before offering it to Him: "Your mead, Jarl, may it bring much pleasure"
Jarl 2: “No, that is all. Thank you!”
Nallah’s Master: “Very good, M'Lady.”
Jarl 5: “Yes, girl, that was a very fine serve, you can be proud of yourself.”
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness: "Very well, Jarl, anything please let me know, you're at home here", she smiles again to him
Susanna hiccups, "Ish very good shtuff, ishn't it, Shimmy?"
Dancing slave girl taking three steps back she turns on the balls of her dainty feet.
Susanna: "hic"
nallah: “Thank you Jarl.”

Jarl 5 reaches out to take the drinks, and playfully tweak the slavegirls firm nipple.
Nallah’s Master: smiles brightly "You're very kind, M'Lady
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness: "Thank you jarl"
nallah shivers feeling his touch
Susanna: “Ish a shame shat Uncle Veshter and his girl could not come. Shoshona could dansh for she men.”
Dancing slave girl; “Can girl bring you anything, Jarls?”, she asks as she stands behind them
Jarl 5: “Your Jarl can be proud of you too, girl.”
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness walks then to the other guest - Jarl Trucker "Everything ok, Jarl?" she asks also with a warm smile
nallah: “Thank you Jarl.”
Jarl 2: “Yes, my lady. I am enjoying myself very much”
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness: "I'm glad to hear Jarl"
Jarl 1 turns around to see the beautiful bond behind him. "I am good, thank you" he smiles
Jarl 3: “Will we see tiggs today, Trucker?”
nallah steps back eyes scanning along the tables checking plates, spotting an empty one she moves quickly to the Master.
Nallah’s Master smiles hearing the man speak nallah's praises.
Jarl 2: “Good food, good drink, good music. What good be better.”
Dancing slave girl smiles warmly to the Jarl: "Would you like girl to warm your lap, Jarl?"
Jimmy confused looking over his left then right shoulder, as he thought the serving girl took his drinking horn, now realizing that it was the Lioness herself. He blushes a bit as she gives him a filled one "Oh, shank you, lady". He raises his horn and nods to the people on the other table, trying a northern toast "Odinsh bleshingsh!" - having no idea who Odin is - , then takes a sip from the horn.
nallah smiles warmly: "Greetings, Master, may girl serve you something?"
Trajan: “Tal, girl, I will take a refill.”
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness then comes to the clan 's table and with a bright smile on her face "And you, dears, is everything ok as you like?"
nallah: “Yes Jarl, a mead?”
Trajan hands over his horn and smiles: “Yes, the mead is delicious.”
Jarl 2: “Yes, Roo, not sure when though.”
Susanna: "I shink shere ish a hole in my horn, it keepsh emptying", she says seriously. "Hic."
nallah smiles brightly taking his horn, "Girl will be most happy to fetch that for you, Jarl", turning she strides quickly to the barrels and kegs.
Jarl 3: “I know what is better truck.”
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness controls herself not to laugh since she was very serious saying that "No problem, lady, I will bring you a new horn". And she walks to the vessel table grabs a horn and fills it more warm spicy mead, the village speciality
Jimmy smiles to the Lioness "Yesh, shank you... shish ish very nishe! Remindsh me of she feshtivitiish in our villash"
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness comes back to the table giving the horn to her "Ohh, Jarl , I would love to see that, when will the next ones be?"
nallah wipes the rim of His horn before placing it under the tap filling it quickly watching the golden liquid splashing into the curled vessel forming a fluffy white head.
Susanna nudges JImmy, "Ish shame shat she is companioned."
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness laughs
nallah cuts the tap, cupping the horn in her small hands nallah turns striding quickly to the Jarl's side
Susanna looks up smiling brightly to their lovely hostess. "Shank you sho mush dear."
nallah brings the vessel to her lips pressing a tender kiss to its side before lowering her head and eyes offering the horn to Him, "Your mead, Jarl, may it bring much pleasure"
Trajan: "That was well done, bond", he smiles and takes the drink, sure that it will go down well
Dancing slave girl takes a step back .. slowly moves to her Jarls side .. smiles softly as she approaches him
nallah smiles, "Thank you, Jarl"
Thor: “Thanks to all the bonds for working so hard.”
Nallah’s Master smiles again hearing his beast praised.
nallah steps back glancing to the Jarl in black, rounding to his side
Jimmy smiles at the Lioness and opens his mouth to answer her question... then rubs his eyes as the mead made him slow and he doesn't see her anymore. He just takes another sip of the mead and leans to his sister "Shish shtuff ish shtrong, I shink!"
nallah casts a warm smile to the Jarl, "May girl serve you, Jarl"
Thor with a grin: “Yes, I made a potent brew for this feast!”
Susanna: ”Do you think so?", she slurs her words as the mead takes effect.
nallah tips her head listening to his order.
Thor: “Themo let me try making it.”
Jarl 5: "Well, it is easy enough to make Skald, but you did good"
Jimmy:” You lishp, Shishi.”
Susanna: "Did not", she retorts. "I never lishp!"
nallah: “Yes, Jarl, mead.”. She steps back rounding the tables heading for the barrels and kegs.
Thor: “nallah does work hard.”
Trajan: “Yes she is a fine bond, as they all are here in fact.”
nallah plucks a blackened horn from the shelves turning it over the girl trails the delicate pad of her finger about the rim seeking imperfections before cleaning and polishing the vessel. nallah tips the horn beneath the tap filling the curled vessel quickly watching the golden liquid bubble up forming a frothy head at the at rim, cutting the tap the girl cups the smooth vessel in her small hands striding quickly to the Jarl's side.
R00: “Aye, Rhi, back to entertaining before I take my demon to your bountiful ass!”, then snickers.
Dancing slave girl-rhi giggles softly
Rhi; “Yes, my Jarl.”
nallah raises the horn to her lips pressing a tender kiss to the side before lowering her head and eyes offering the drink to Him, "Your mead, Jarl, may it quench your thirst"
Jimmy frowns as he suddenly finds his hands empty and mumbles "ooopsh", then he looks under the table searching for the drinking horn that slipped out of his fingers.
Thor: “Thank you bond, that was well served.”
nallah: "You are most welcome, Jarl"
Thor: “You may sit for a while, if your Jarl allows it?”
Nallah’s Master smiles again hearing her praised.
nallah nibbles her lips
rhi climbs up onto the fire pit .. her feet paused then starts to move in a sensual manner.. the brief interlude cooled her desire .. her eyes the colour of the sky shines brightly as she begins
nallah: “Thank you, Jarl. Girl would see to the others if that is acceptable.”
Thor: “Yes.”
Nallah’s Master looks to the jarl, “With all due respect, Sir, I would allow it but I have been called to a patient. Nallah, here!”
nallah: “Yes Master.”, she steps back striding quickly to her Master's side
Thor: “Well, I meant no offence, but I appreciate that you are busy.”
Nallah’s Master: Kneel, girl.”
nallah:Yes, Master. May girl do so now, Master.”
Nallah’s Master: “You may.”
nallah: “Thank you, Master.”
Nallah’s Master: “She should take not offense, Sir, your offer was very generous.”
nallah sinks to the floor folding shapely legs beneath her in a seemingly fluid motion
Trajan: “Excuse me folks, I have to leave here. A pleasure meeting you all.”
Nallah’s Master: “Apologize for offending the Jarl, girl, then there is a baby to deliver.”
nallah: ”Yes, Master, may girl do so now?”
Nallah’s Master: “You may.”
nallah: “Thank you, Master.”
Thor: “She did not offend, Jarl, safe paths to you both.”
nallah lowers her eyes before the Jarl, "Apologies for the offense Jarl, girl begs your forgiveness"
Nallah’s Master: “Be Well, all, well met.”
nallah: “Girl wishes you well, Jarl.”
R00: “aue rhi, see to my brothers and guests.”
Rhi dancing along the edge of the fire pit .. she dances over to the two Jarls .. whispering softly " may this girl dance for you Jarls"
R00: “I believe the story man needs a well drink.”
Thor: “Yes you can dance for me, girl. you are wonderful to watch.”
rhi "Thank you, Jarl", she whispers softly
Thor licks his lips
rhi twirls and sways her hips ..
Jimmy tries to hide a yawn then turns to his sister "I shink I need to find a plashe to resht, shishter. She paddling wish she boat maked me a bit tired
R00: “MORE HEAT!!”, the master yells to the bond.
Susanna: “Yesh, my shweet, and we shoould find Sheshi.”
Jimmy: “And Sheshy wash not a big help, shitting on Shabashtian she whole time.”
rhi girl her dainty feet close to the fire , begin to burn .. but she feels nothing as she hears her Jarl shout. rhi moves closer to the Jarl she is dancing for .. she “You seem to be falling asleep, Jarl .. may this girl help you stay awake ?
Jimmy already getting up to follow his sister to find a place putting up their tent, looks like hypnotized at the dancer, before he is pulled away by his sister.
Susanna: “Come, Shimmy boy, time for you to shleep," Susanna covers his eyes
rhi "Be well, Jarl, safe paths"
Jimmy: “Aiiiiiii....", he shouts as he stumbles and tries to catch his ballance "Well... needsh to go... shafe pash, all!", he just has time to mumble before he's dragged away.

~Bye the Lake~

Jimmy looks at the tabuks "Oh, more tame tabuksh!"
Susanna: “Ohh yesh
Jimmy fights the urge to caress them. “Where ish sheshy?”
Susanna: ” No idea.”
Jimmy: “Look, shishter! You could make a very nishe bakery heresh!”
Susanna: “Oh yesh, I would like a nishe bakery of our own.”
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness approaching: "Ahhhh, here they are!", finding the brother and sister by the river side
Jimmy: “Here would be a nishe plashe to shleep! I like she shound of she watersh.”
Susanna: “We can put a tent here if you like, shimmy dear.”
Jimmy turns as he hears the Lioness behind him "Oh... shere you are! Yesh... we are getting a bit tired. It wash a long way wish she paddle-boat"
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness smiles warmly to them "Aye this is a wonderful place. I understand, Jarl, we have cottages if you need instead of sleeping in a tent""
Cessy smiles as she slaps Sabastians rump and whispers "Go find a female before Jimmy does", and goes over to join them.
Jimmy: “Oh! We can shleep in a cottash!”
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness: “Aye you can jarl.” laughs joyfully
Susanna: “Ohh shat would be sho nishe, itsh not nishe to shit on the grass all she time.”
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness "I believe it's not"
Jimmy: “Sho, wish cottash? Not in she infirmary, I hopesh?”
Cessy blushes "or powder our noshesh shere either"
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness: "let me go prepare it and i will come for you"
Cessy smiles "Shank you, lady"
Susanna: “Shat ish very kind of you, Lady Lwaana,”
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness: "I will be right back", she smiles. "No need, I'm sure you would do the same for me or one of mine"
Susanna: “It will be nishe not to have to shit in she grash, wont it, Sheshi? We musht shink about getting a wagon, my brosher, shen we will never have to shit in the grash again. We can shit in the wagon inshtead.”
Jimmy: “Maybe I can make a wagon out of our paddle-boat.”
Susanna: “Ish probably shafer shan riding on it.”
Cessy frowns at her sister, but can't argue.
Jimmy frowns as he said a whole sentence without an 'sh"
Susanna: "You really ish very short, you know, brosher? Maybe we should shink about taking you to she healer and sheeing what he can do for you?"
Jimmy: “You are shtanding uphillsh, shisther. Shat'sh all!”
Susanna looks down. "Oh yesh, I never notished that.”
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness: "I'm here", she smiles, "let me show the cottage."
Susanna: “Ohh shere you are dear lady.”
~In the cottage~
Jimmy: “Oh, nishe!”
Susanna: “Ohh shish is nishe and warm”
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness enters the small cottage. "Here we are. Jarl can sleep here.” showing the single bed "...and ladies upstairs"
Cessy smiles breathing deeply "Ish very nishe"
Susanna: “Ooohh ish a upshtairsh too!”
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness: "It's simple but the beds are good for a good night of sleep."
Jimmy takes a suspicious look at the really thin ladder.
Susanna: “Ooohh very nishe.”
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness: “And you have a nice view.”
Cessy holds her skirts and she goes up the ladder, not wanting Jimmy to see anything.
Jimmy exhales relieved that the ladder could bear the weight of his sisters.
Cessy: “Oh a Ver... Ver.... ver..... balcony.”
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness: "Would you like to go see, Jarl?"
Susanna nods in agreement with her sister
Jimmy looks at the bed... at the ladder... at the bed... at the ladder... at the bed right UNDER the ladder... then shouts up to his sisters "Wake me before you come downsh, shishtersh!"
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness laughs joyfully "I can change the bed direction, Jarl"
Cessy looks worries "Even if we needsh to .... .... ...... make water?"
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness and she places it changing place with the table
Jimmy: “Oh... I shink I shusht... push it a bit out of... dansher shone.”
Susanna: “What ish you insh.... inshin... what are you shaying, Shimmy?"
Jimmy pushs the bed to the other corner
Cessy looks at the lake suspecting she will need to make water a lot
Jimmy nods satisfied "Shat'sh shaf.. uhm... better"
Susanna whispers to her sister, "She might be shkinny but she ish very shtrong, ishnt she?"
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness finsishes to settle all "There you go!", happy with the result.
Susanna: “Ish very shnung, shank you"
Jimmy smiles "Shank you, Lady... Shat ish she besht..." - he searches for the right word ".. uhm... shtay-for-she-night we hadded for a long time"
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness: "Very welcome! It's my pleasure to receive you all again in my home. I will let you rest now, I know you are tired "
Susanna: “Ooohh look, nishe shoft cushions for shitting on!”
Cessy smiles "And bedsh for shleeping, ish shere a communial kitchen for cooking?"
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness: "May Odin always bless your paths and anything you need you know already, don't hesitate to scream my name", she smiles warmly to the three nods ."Aye, the long hall"
Jimmy: “Sho, I hope we shee you tomorrow. I hash shome more verr-sheeshe to shell... and you should shee what my shishtersh hash been baking!"
Susanna: “Oohh sheshi can shcream loud, Show her, sheshi, how loud you can shcream!”
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness: "We do our day life in longhall, women cook there, the cottages are only to sleep basically"
Jimmy narrows his eyes a bit confused
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness: "Ohh aye Jarl, i loveeeee your cheese and I am interested in seeig the bakings too. Have you seen our bakery?"
Susanna: “Yesh, we have. Sheshi and I are bakersh.”
Cessy raises her head in interest "You hash a bakery?"
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness: "Aye we do and a very nice one"
Susanna: “Did you not shee it, Sheshi? Ohh ish very nishe.”
Jimmy whispers nervously to his sisters "I don't know how to shleep bashically. Do you? I alwaysh shusht closhe my eyesh...", afraid he could do something wrong.
Susanna whispers. "Not ash nishe ash oursh wash in tabor, but shtill shey have tried."
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness controls herself once more to not laugh.
Cessy smiles "Good, I wash running low on she mashtersh", she says as she passes Lwanna one from her bag.
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness: "I will see if the bakery has all for you tomorrow be able to bake some of your cakes and pies ladies."
Cessy smiles "Shat would be shplended."
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness: "So consider it done, Ladies, I will check myself", she smiles warmly to them
Susanna stares at her sister in wonder at the big word she just used.
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness: "Now let me go check it before I forget, so many things in mind and worried my mate is not home yet"
Cessy frowns, not being companioned herself, but understanding the worry
Jimmy: “I hope he ish coming home shoon.”
Susanna: “It would be nishe to meet him.”
Cessy: "I am shure he will arrive shafely, he'sh probably shusht met shome wome....." Cessy stops and covers her mouth, "....he'sh probably shusht delayed"
Lady Lwaana - The Lioness looks around to see if she could add something else "Aye, Jarl, me too. He loves to travel, but i'm sure he will be here any minute now, and Odins Blessings to you three". She smiles warmly and gets ready to leave the cottage. The Lioness nods and smiles to lady Cessy "Aye Lady" she says from the door already.
Jimmy: “Shafe pash, lady, and shank you again for your hoshpa... hoshpi... hopshi... friendlynesh!”
Cessy nods "You are mosht kind."
Susanna: “Shafe pash, dear lady. And shleep well.”

~Alone in the cottage~

Jimmy as the lioness have left turns to his sisters "Doesh bashically mean wishout closhesh?", he asks worried
Cessy: "I shink sho", but I will shtill wearsh my nightie
Jimmy jumps into the bed after putting on his nightgear, carefully turning his back to his sisters. “Oh, sho nishe and shoft!”
Susanna : “Nite nite, Shimmy love.”
Jimmy: "Nighnigh – shishter!”
Cessy strokes her brother's hair, and kisses his forehead softly "Good night, shweetie"
Jimmy : “Good night, shishter! Shleep tight.”
Susanna: “Goodnight Shimboy. Goodnight sheshi.”
Cessy leans over her sister, and kisses her nose "good night hun."

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